Payden’s Senior Portraits

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I am constantly learning and trying out new locations and ideas. When Payden and her mom contacted me about a shoot I was so excited to learn that Payden had a specific aesthetic in mind. When I asked her mom to describe her and her style a bit I was so touched by what she told me. After mentioning her love for the skater scene and a more urban setting she mentioned that Payden is a very special girl with an amazing heart who deserves equally as amazing senior photos. I am so thrilled that both Payden and her mom Melissa thought the photos did her justice!


IMG_9380 copy IMG_9375 IMG_9366 copy IMG_9346 copy IMG_9340 copy IMG_9539 copy IMG_9534 copy IMG_9525 copy IMG_9520 copy IMG_9507 copy IMG_9494 IMG_9493 copy IMG_9432 IMG_9391 copy

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