Fresh 48 – Jovie Lee

Fresh 48Newborn
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We all thought that we’d still be waiting for little miss Jovie Lee to make her grand entrance but she decided she wanted to come 22 days ahead of schedule! I am lucky enough to know her family well and we were all so excited to meet her and I personally had been counting the days until this photo shoot! Here are some of my favorite shots from my first encounter with sweet baby Jovie Lee.

Karch-7-6-2016-Kaitlyn-Pierce-WM-5 Karch-7-6-2016-Kaitlyn-Pierce-WM-2 Karch-7-6-2016-Kaitlyn-Pierce-WM-1 Karch-7-6-2016-Kaitlyn-Pierce-WM-6 Karch-7-6-2016-Kaitlyn-Pierce-WM-3 Karch-7-6-2016-Kaitlyn-Pierce-WM-7Karch-7-6-2016-Kaitlyn-Pierce-WM-1-2 Karch-7-6-2016-Kaitlyn-Pierce-WM-2-2 Karch-7-6-2016-Kaitlyn-Pierce-WM-9 Karch-7-6-2016-Kaitlyn-Pierce-WM-10 Karch-7-6-2016-Kaitlyn-Pierce-WM-11 Karch-7-6-2016-Kaitlyn-Pierce-WM-16 Karch-7-6-2016-Kaitlyn-Pierce-WM-14 Karch-7-6-2016-Kaitlyn-Pierce-WM-20 Karch-7-6-2016-Kaitlyn-Pierce-WM-25Karch-7-6-2016-Kaitlyn-Pierce-WM-44 Karch-7-6-2016-Kaitlyn-Pierce-WM-35 Karch-7-6-2016-Kaitlyn-Pierce-WM-19 Karch-7-6-2016-Kaitlyn-Pierce-WM-8-2 Karch-7-6-2016-Kaitlyn-Pierce-WM-28 Karch-7-6-2016-Kaitlyn-Pierce-WM-34 Karch-7-6-2016-Kaitlyn-Pierce-WM-41 Karch-7-6-2016-Kaitlyn-Pierce-WM-42 Karch-7-6-2016-Kaitlyn-Pierce-WM-12 Karch-7-6-2016-Kaitlyn-Pierce-WM-43 Karch-7-6-2016-Kaitlyn-Pierce-WM-49

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